Rental Rules

Nelson Sailing Center Rental Rules

  • All rentals must be back in their slip or at their mooring by the time indicated under terms of rental located on the front of this agreement. Boats that are late by less than ½ hours will be charged $50.00.  Boats that are late by over ½ hour will be charged an additional 3-hour rate for that boat.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Lessee to ensure that the rented craft returns at the specified time.  Lack of wind, lack of a timepiece or operator failure will not release the Lessee from penalty charges due to lateness.  All boats are equipped with motors.  Utilize these motors to ensure that the rented craft returns to the dock or mooring promptly and on time. 
  • All rented crafts must remain south of the Route 37 Mathis Bridge.  Additionally, rented boats may not proceed into the Barnegat inlet or ocean. Do not, under any circumstances, sail or power a rented craft under any bridge.
  • If, after taking charge of a rented craft, a halyard is lost to the top of the mast, Lessee will be charged $50.00.  If any running or standing rigging has been altered Lessee will be charged $50.00.
  • Upon returning to the dock or mooring at the end of the Lessee’s sail; a) close the safety valve on your fuel tank (if applicable), b) lift the engine or motor out of the water, c) flake and cover all sails, d) remove all trash (put in appropriate recycle bins) and personal items, e) close all hatches, ports and replace weather boards, and f) turn off battery (if applicable).  Failure to perform all of these tasks will result in a $50.00 service charge.
  • A Nelson Sailing Center representative will examine Lessee’s rented craft prior to the release of Lessee’s deposit.
  • If a rented craft is returned prior to its scheduled return time, no money will be refunded.  If the Nelson Sailing Center determines that the weather conditions to warrant cancellation or suspension of rentals, a prorated credit will be issued, valid for that season only. 
  • In the event of any malfunction of the boat (including taking on of water) the lessee shall contact Nelson Sailing Center immediately for assistance and not enter into an agreement with any commercial towing or salvage company without express consent of Nelson Sailing Center.  If lessee signs or agrees to any such agreement they will be held liable for all costs incurred. 
  • In the event of your rental craft running aground, do not try to motor off as you will be held responsible for any additional damage by trying to do so.  Take your sails down and radio Nelson Sailing Center for assistance.  Lessee will be charged a $50 tow fee. 
  • No pets or glass bottles allowed on any rental craft.  Also, non-marking, light colored soles or actual boat shoes are required for all persons aboard.