Gift Certificates

Instructions for creating and purchasing a gift certificate:

On the next page (click below) you will find a blank copy of the certificate, take a look at it by clicking below.  Then click “back” on your browser to resume with the instructions.

*Please note: gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.  Gift certificates must be used toward lessons, sailboat rentals,  crewed charters and/or the purchase of merchandise at Nelsons Sailing Center.

Steps to completing a gift certificate:
1. Determine the amount you wish to give.  The certificate will have the dollar amount on the face of it, and it also, at your discretion, will say what it is intended to be (probably) used for — lessons, a rental, or a charter.

2. Fill in the required  information on the certificate (see detailed instructions, below).  Name of the recipient, name of the giver, and date of the certificate.
In order for the certificate to be valid you will have to obtain an authorization code.  That will be issued when payment is arranged.  You can print out the certificate now and then write in the authorization code by hand, later.

3. Call or e-mail Nelson Sailing Center during business hours to initiate payment and obtain an authorization code.  Do not include credit card information in e-mail messages.

Detailed instructions on filling-in and printing the certificate:

  • We suggest you print out this page to have a “hard copy” of the instructions.
  • Click below to open a blank certificate.
  • Print A blank certificate on the following page.
  • Fill in the information on the form by hand.
  • Fill in the line starting with “Enjoy” by putting in the dollar amount (and the intended purpose, if desired).
  • Leave the authorization code line blank at this time and fill it in by hand later once you have contacted Nelson Sailing Center and arranged for payment.

Print Out the Certificate and fill in by hand!!! Go to form page (click here to open in a new window)