Corporate Team Building

SAILING DELIVERS:   Leadership…. Cooperation…. Team Spirit…. Initiative…. Creativity…. Mutual Respect…. Resourcefulness…. Trust….  Appreciation for Group Effort…
  • Why Team Building via Sailing?
    Sailing is a cooperative activity.  A sailing crew is a natural team.  Each person’s physical and mental input contributes to achieving the goal at hand.  That might be rounding a buoy in a race, navigating from place to place, or “tweaking” the sails and rigging to get the most speed out of the boat.

    Nelson’s team building program makes use of these sailing situations to enhance teamwork skills and create the bonding that will pay off in the office or workplace.
  • The Team Building Program at Nelsons
    We accommodate groups as small as four and as large as 20 or more.  Choose from a half-day or a full day of activities.  In general the plan will be to attend a group seminar, go out sailing in teams of four to six, and participate in a round-table discussion as a wrap-up.  The sailing component can be match racing in identical 23-foot one-design class sailboats, or it can be a more leisurely cruise with crew participation aboard larger sailing yachts in the 30-40 foot range.  A captain/instructor/facilitator sails aboard each boat and is able to provide coaching and instruction on sailing while drawing the connection of the on-water experience to the workplace. Various food/hospitality options are available, either on-site or at nearby facilities,  if desired.  Nearby hotels offer meeting rooms, etc., if the team building is to be part of a broader purpose meeting.

    Jenny Nelson, the operations manager at Nelson’s, will help you plan an event to help you achieve your team buildings goals, and, at the same time, provide an enjoyable outdoors experience for your people.
  • A Word About Nelsons
    Nelson Sailing Center has a great location, a large fleet of sailboats, and a unusual team of sailing instructors.  This combination enables you to expose your employees to a uniquely productive and enjoyable experience aboard our sailboats.

Our Staff

  • Nelson’s talented group of instructors/captains includes people with these credentials (all hold Master’s degrees or higher):


  • Active Adjunct Professor of Management at Florida Institute of Technology / Experienced Cruiser and Sailing Instructor
  • Active High-level Manager-Scientist at Pfizer / Top-Ranked Racing Sailor and Sailing Instructor
  • Experienced Human Resources Specialist / Long Distance Cruiser and Sailing Instructor
  • Retired Public Relations Specialist / Sailing Instructor
  • Others


  • $450/boat (1-5 boats) or $400/boat (6-8 boats)
  • Up to Six Persons per boat
  • Includes 4 Hour Clinic
  • Includes use of our 2000 sq ft covered porch over looking the water for lunch (Catering recommendations available)
  • Call for Available Dates:  732-270-6510 or e-mail
We have provided Team Building services to numerous local and national companies, including divisions of “Fortune 500″ firms.