Plan your cruise, party, or corporate event aboard this luxurious vessel!
• One of few such craft available at the NJ Shore.
• Two roomy bathrooms.
• Four large private cabins.
• Six guests will enjoy comfort amid elegance.
• Thirty-eight feet of luxury for you and your group.

Prices start at $360/trip.  Six persons only, please (Coast Guard Regulations).

Crewed Charters on the 38’ Luxurious Catamaran “Impluse”

$360/2.5 hr Sail, afternoon or sunset
$100/Extra Hour
$460/Dock & Dine, 3.5 hr sail to a waterside restaurant (price of food not included)
$760/Full Day, 7.5 hrs sail

Please note: 50% deposit required prior to scheduling. Tax not included. All charters are for private groups of up to 6 person’s maximum per boat (Coast Guard Regulations).

Call 732-270-6510 or email us for more pricing information or to reserve your trip.