…….We get stacks and stacks of letters!

Here is what our customers say about us.

Just wanted to thank you again for a great day out on the water in one of your Ensigns. I have nothing but good things to say about your facility. Starting from the top, the webpage is informative and easy to navigate, the staff is friendly and professional, the boats are beautiful, clean and well set up, and the sailing grounds are wonderful! We received a thorough orientation to the boat prior to our sail and much appreciated the assistance leaving and approaching the dock. I have never sailed an Ensign before but it more than met my expectations, very smooth and responsive, gliding through the water so quietly you lose track of how fast you really are going until you watch the shoreline slip past. Special thanks to Jenny who, knowing we were driving a fair distance, offered to stay late so we could get in a full sail in the afternoon.
All in all a very positive experience. Nelson Sailing School should be the benchmark by which all other sailing schools are judged. Thanks again.
Fair Winds,
Jeff – Sherman, Ct (6/12)

We had a really great day today. What a fun boat Yardbird was! You guys are the best on the Jersey Shore! Thank you for everything!

Tom – Philadelphia, PA (5/12)

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the ASA 105 course I completed last weekend. Captain Bob was first rate. He covered the test material thoroughly and provided really useful insights on local navigational and general boating issues connected to Barnegat Bay. He made what can be complicated information quite straightforward and understandable. Frankly I was a bit intimidated by the subject matter when I initially signed up, but Bob’s really effective teaching style quickly allayed any concerns that I had. Of course the center looked great, and was a comfortable place to learn. I look forward to seeing you over the season and putting my newly learned skills to the test on the bay. Thanks again.
Andrew – Livingston, NJ (4/12)

I know I love to sail for sailing lifestyle living aboard…not racing or competition just enjoying the life on a boat at my own pace! Rain or no rain (having a book helps) – thank you for affording me the discovery…I just love this area…Woke up to the sound of the birds…Beautiful sun rise…the water is a perfect mirror…went for a walk on the beach…breakfast on Viking and now reading a good book as the fog rolls in from the land! I expected fog from the ocean…everything is reverse from my expectations! Last night was warm. This is what life should be…Thank you so much for making this possible…I wanted to share with you my thoughts on my 2011 seasonal rental. As you know, I had the Viking Sabre 28 for the first half of the summer followed by a rich access to several sailboats at NSC that allowed me to gain even more experience. The bonus to this great deal was the access to the many instructors at NSC – all were so eager to answer the many questions I had and guided me in my growth during the summer. I was able to sail just shy of 140 hours in both Toms River and Barnegat Bay spending several nights either on a mooring ball or at anchor. Many of the experiences where new (solo techniques) to me but NSC made me feel comfortable and helped me feel confident – this all contributed to the best possible sailing experience. NSC is really a full spectrum sailing school with the best instructors, best facilities and great sailboat selection! I need to prescribe this to all patients…best therapy ever invented! …I wish to give thanks to you and your team at NSC for the patience, guidance and trust you have placed in me to allow me to grow in my sailing quest.
Ben – Newark, NJ (Summer 2012)

I just got home from the sailing courses taken this week with Tony Coia (and got a good shower!). I wanted to take a couple of minutes and let you know a few things:
1) If I said to you that Tony was fantastic, great, and a joy to have as an instructor I wouldn’t be doing him justice. He was in my opinion amazingly great. And he is also such a nice person that I would love to have him as a friend (even if I was a power boater!)
2) Thank YOU for helping getting this course to be a reality. I know it was difficult to get everyone to agree on a 3.5 day window. That must always be frustrating to you. Thanks for having the patience to deal with all of us and get this course to happen.
3) I actually loved that the weather was really poor. I think we all were challenged more by the compromising weather, which included periods of sustained winds around 25 or higher, fog, rain, and atomized water droplets to obscure visibility. Tony was totally great with having us still pick up buoys, dock at the end of the tee dock, and park the boat in the lift slip in those weather conditions. I admire him for being willing to trust us to do it without hitting something expensive and not loosing a person.
4) OK… I know this reads as a Tony love novel… but lastly… one thing I so completely “appreciated” from Tony was that it was obvious he was going to talk to us and treat us like we were competent… and if not… then we were going to have to prove to him we were not. Usually, it is kind of the other way around, where people who have the responsibility to teach something act like the course participants don’t know what they are doing. Tony allowed us to be just us. It seemed apparent to me that all of us in the course knew how to sail. Because Tony let us know he was going to have confidence in each of us, then we all were relaxed with each other. That let us communicate well, allowed each of us to take input and feedback about how the boat seemed to be handling, and even what we should do to get to the dock or mooring. It was great.
And yes, have no worries, when the surveys from ASA come in, they will go back with very high marks for Tony and Nelson Sailing.
Guy – Pennington, NJ (9/11)

Thank you for teaching our child how to do man overboard in Kids Can Sail II. We had a real life test on our sailboat last weekend with my husband overboard and my twelve year old daughter knew exactly what to do. Thank God, we were able to get him safely back onto the boat. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful sailing instruction that you have provided for my two daughters over the past two years. Not only have they learned life saving skills, and how to successfully and safely sail a boat, but they have had a terrific time while doing. They have had some of their funniest moments of the summer at Nelson’s Sailing Center. Thank you!
Maria – Point Pleasant, NJ (8/11)

Let me first start off by saying thank you so much for allowing me to participate with my student in the 2011 Kids Summer Sailing Program. Personally, it was a great experience for me because I picked up some great knowledge on sailing! The main purpose of this letter though is to thank each of the staff for their attention, compassion and care in helping my student experience the boat and water in such a fun and exciting way. Though he has difficulties staying on task, engaging socially with peers, and following directions from teachers and instructors, your staff did an incredible job at every step of the way. I’ve been in a variety of schools and summer camps with my students. Sometimes, staff and employees can have a difficult time accommodating and including students into activities with typical peers. This was not the case with my student’s instructors at sailing camp and they deserve a lot of praise for this. It takes exemplary people to work with children, especially those with special needs, and do so while sailing in a fun and safe manner is really great to see. While I live a bit away, I can certainly say I would not hesitate a second to recommend your camp for anyone looking for a summer sailing program for their child. It’s a top notch and a great activity for children. Please pass along my gratitude and well wishes to all the staff.
Ed – Sea Girt, NJ (7/11)

I have been going over the results of my navigation test with Captain Bob, and he has gone the “extra mile” in explaining my errors. He clearly cares about the subject matter, and about his students. Kudos to Bob!
George – Lynchburg, VA (4/11)

I’ve sailed now at two different locations since last year, and have visited others and compared to Nelson, they just don’t. Some were disorganized, others run by wacky people, others too arcane with their rules, etc., etc. You guys are doing a great job.
George – East Brunswick (3/11)

BVI (British Virgin Islands) was an awesome trip – real nice sailing, beautiful places, great weather, nice yacht with good people and an excellent instructor on board. The taxi/ferry transfers worked out just right too and is a good deal for $80. Thanks again for setting it up for me! See you in the Spring!
Mike – Medford, NJ (3/11)

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the total experience of our 5 day sail (in the British Virgin Islands) – It exceeded my every expectations – the food selection was great, the boat was the perfect size, sleeping arrangements were great, the learning experience was invaluable with live situations that Tony and the Universe provided us with so we may gain better experience. We had a good mix of sailing, snorkeling and land time. I was the one with the least experience but no one made me feel I was in the way – in fact I felt I was part of the team! Tony is a great teacher, even sick as he was and could have called the sailing off— but he pushed forward with our week – he should have stayed quiet to rest his coughing body an yet – he continued to speak and teach – I have to say – he exemplified the Nelson Sailing excellence I have come to discover! My only wish would have been to stay on longer and get more of the “sailing life” experience but, then, that is why we have the Coastal Cruising course and the entire summer to practice. It was not only the tacking, jibing… it was all that in addition to cooking, eating as a group, making coffee, tea, sharing sailing experience, preparing the boat, taking a swim…it was very much the entire experience. I thank you very, very much for making this all possible, Best wishes.
Ben – Portsmouth, NH (3/11)

I want to thank you for a great learning experience. (ASA 103/104 September 17-19) Captain Tony did an excellent job balancing the course content with practical hands on learning. Our ultimate goal of the program was to prepare for a BVI Bareboat vacation. Based on his experience, Captain Tony was able to share many invaluable tips along the way. It didn’t hurt that we had a great time along the way! See you next year.
Gregg – Asbury, NJ (10/10)

Learning to sail was the highlight of my summer. Tony was an awesome instructor. The ASA group sail with John was so much fun too.
Karen – Bordentown, NJ (10/10)

Thanks for the great time we had sailing as a family. We were the group of 6 (mostly Wyngaards). You so kindly managed to get my Mom onboard and off in a different spot since we couldn’t dock at the normal spot. I think you’ll remember. Great teamwork. We were in town for a family reunion and it was so nice to sail as a family, as different interests as each of us have, we had fun getting on the water in a town where we used to live. Thanks so much for your kindness and patience. Hope to see you again next year. All the best,
Claire – Lake Ridge, VA (9/10)

Just a quick note of thanks. We all had a great time last week on boat 22 (the Daphne I think). The Ensign is a great boat and you guys run a really nice operation. I will definitely be renting from your fleet again and I also look forward to continuing my sailing education with the courses you offer. Thanks again. –Yours
Garth – Jersey City, NJ (9/10)

I wanted to thank the entire team at the Nelson Sailing Center (NSC) for the fabulous work they all do. Your new center at NSC has it all; state of the art classroom with computerized projection system, a very large fleet of boats, support from leaving to returning to the docs. Having your staff one click away on the radio instills a sense of safety should we need help! My instructor, Captain Peeter Must has all the qualities of an academic teacher with a love for the art of sailing. The NSC is truly dedicated to the advancement of safe and fun sailing – your center has been my best discovery in New Jersey in 7 years. With very best wishes for continued success!
Ben – Newark, NJ (9/10)

My best to the crew at Nelson’s for the new season. We started with Nelson’s 6 years ago and just took delivery on a new Catalina 445, Promise, to possibly retire on next year. We’ll be sailing this year again out of Rock Hall, Osprey Point. Your courses and patient instructors made it all possible. We recommend you to aspiring sailors all the time.
Fair Winds’
Rick East Hanover, NJ 4/10

I just wanted to thank you and the Nelson Sailing Center for the excellent opportunity provided to my son Daniel, who participated in the sailing program. He learned so much about sailing, teamwork, and responsibility. At 10, it was amazing to see Daniel and his friend sail their own boat into shore and put away their equipment that last week. Thanks for exposing him to this wonderful sport.
Donna – Island Heights, NJ (10/09)

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to drop you a note and send a big Thank You to Nelson’s Sailing Center.
In just 2 days time Captain Pete had us sailing ! His patience, sailing knowledge and instructional technique couldn’t have been better. He walked us through the entire process from checking gear and prepping the Ensign 23, to motoring out and sailing. With Captain Pete’s guidance we were tacking and jibbing as a team. It was a great experience and I can’t thank you enough. You and your crew are the best !
Toby and Rick – Hazlet, NJ (9/09)

Jenny, thanks for making my Dad’s 80th bday present so special. We really enjoyed Captain Bob and our sail trip with him! I am also most appreciative of the adjustment in time schedules.
Linda – Somerset, NJ (08/09)

We just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express our thanks for the time you gave us the day of our personal sailing lesson. It’s people like you who make sailing a fun and safe sport, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that we were comfortable with our skills. With appreciation,
Kevin & Lorraine – Levittown, PA (08/09)

US Sailing paid us a compliment by noting that Nelson Sailing Center played a role in getting young Thomas Kiesel of Point Pleasant into sailing via our Kids program. Thomas was recently honored by US Sailing for his sailing achievements while battling major health issues. The article is in their website in the Sailor of the Week section for July 16-22, 2009. The article can be found by following this link: Click Here for the article

Capt Dave, Capt Bob, Capt Jenny, Capt Bob and staff of Nelson Sailing Center, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of sailing with our troop and allowing us to have such a wonderful experience. If it wasn’t for your hospitality and kindness, we wouldn’t of had such a GREAT TIME! YOU ARE THE BEST! Yours in Scouting,
Girl Scout Cadette/Senior Troop 4750 – Washington, NJ (7/09)

Jenny: Just wanted to follow up with you on my experience on last week’s Docking Endorsement class. Being a trainer/Instructor myself I found the class extremely informative and interesting. Capt. John Henderson was excellent in his presentation and knowledge of the subject and along with his patience and personality made for a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience…Thanks
Dan – Rutherford, NJ 7/09

This one was out of order based on the date:
Captain Bob, I just wanted to thank you again for an outstanding weekend! Your approach to the (Bareboat Chartering) course material and delivery of information in general was phenomenal… I would suspect that your personal efforts have contributed greatly to Nelson’s award winning history with the ASA. I know that I’ve come away from this experience with a big smile and a ton of new knowledge!
Jeff – North Whales, PA (6/09)

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we all had July 7th (2008) on our Chartered sailing boat trip. Captain Bill was professional, friendly and extremely accommodating. Jenny, I can not thank you enough for being so helpful and informative to a novice when helping me to arrange this trip. Your recommendations proved to work out terrific. My only regret is that I did not book our trip for an overnight excursion because my guests nor I wanted the experience to end. I look forward to sailing again! I am definitely hooked!!! Thank you again.
Debra – Toms River, NJ (10/08)

Thanks to you and your whole team for a great experience. Attention to detail was excellent throughout the entire weekend. Everyone I dealt with was a pleasure to deal with and extremely helpful.
I had a great time and learned so much. Peet is wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. Besides that he is a great guy. I felt extremely comfortable with him showing us the ropes.
Jim – Long Valley, NJ (9/08)

Your staff was excellent, and my son had a great time in all three sessions and is still talking about it today. Hope we can book something again next year for him. Chris – Pennington, NJ 09/08
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at the Nelson Sailing Center for an excellent sailing class! Captain Dave Bell was an exemplary instructor- not only was his teaching style thorough and enjoyable, he made the learning experience relaxed and fun as well. I really feel like Lenka and I learned a lot in the Basic Keelboat program, and we’re both looking forward to getting out on the water again….
Thanks again, Lenka and I look forward to visiting again soon!
Doug – Middletown, NJ (7/08)

I just wanted to take a moment to praise your sailing course and especially Capt. Pete. My son David purchased a 25’ Catalina and he wanted us all to learn the proper way to sail the boat so we signed up for your class. David, my self, my son Michael and David’s friend Dr. Chris took the two day sailing course with Capt. Pete and is was an awesome experience. Capt. Pete was a wonderful instructor and explained every part of the boat and how to sail it. Captain Pete not only gave us the knowledge we needed to sail but he took the time to listen to David and his plans for sailing his own boat and then showed him the way to do it. As a parent, I especially appreciated his understanding and concern for my son.
I would like to congratulate Captain Pete on successfully transforming 4 amateur sailors into knowledgeable and safe beginners. Nelsons Sailing Center should be congratulated on having on their team such a fine instructor and for the course presented. We will be signing up for other courses at your establishment.
Ralph – Toms River, NJ (6/08)

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent training we received this weekend, during our Basic Keel Boat Class, with Steven Judd.
Steven had the patience of a Saint and was a great instructor. We laughed a lot and learned a lot with Steve. Steve made it fun. He allowed
us to make mistakes and get ourselves out of them – we had a great time.

We are also looking forward to our next level class – more than likely, next spring.
See you soon for our Solo trips.
Thanks again and please tell Steven we said thank you for the great time and learning experience.
Irene – Belleville (5/08)

I just wanted to express my thanks for such an enjoyable experience I had at your facility. I took a friend
of mine out for a special birthday cruise last month and had a wonderful time ! Thanks for being so friendly
and setting up the trip on such short notice.
Enjoy the off season.
Joseph – Rartan, NJ (10/07)

Just thought I’d let you and the Nelson Gang know that Susan and I spent a great three weeks on Chesapeake Bay with our new Catalina 387 “Promise.” I can’t say enough about how great it was to get back into sailing with Nelson’s and feel free to use me for a recommendation anytime. Hope to see you all at one of the shows sometime.
With kind regards,
Rick – East Hanover, NJ (9/07)

Hi – I just wanted to thank Nelson Sailing Center and Bob Edwards for a wonderful experience aboard the “Explorer” on 9/15. My wife and I had a great time learning to sail and watching the beautiful sunset. I highly recommend Nelson Sailing Center and Bob Edwards to anyone looking to sail. Bob is a top-notch instructor and I had a great time at the helm. We definitely plan on sailing again and possibly getting certified!
Thanks again!
Andy & Erin – Washington, NJ (9/07)

We would all like to thank you and your staff. Capt. Bill Sigmund was very professional and made the course very enjoyable. I would highly recommend your center to anyone looking to obtain any sailing knowledge. I have completed the survey and rated each question as “Excellent”.
Thanks again,
Mark (8/07)

Weather was beautiful and I had a fantastic learning experience at Nelson Sailing Center yesterday afternoon. You truly provide the community with a wonderful opportunity to get on the water and sail. It is one of the best kept secrets of N.J. I would buy stock in the company, if I could!….. Anyway, the extraordinary skill of (Peter Must) got me through our safety session …. Thank you for your encouragement and for having a terrific competent staff.
Louise – Shipbottom, NJ (7/07)

We would just like to thank you for such a wonderful weekend sailing with your school and with our instructor, Peter. Aside from the weather being great, everything else fell into place and was just perfect! Mike and I felt that we gained all we could from it and I know I have walked away with greater confidence and enjoyment in the art of sailing. Peter made us feel comfortable and made sure we were having a great time while challenging our skills and knowledge. ….. Thanks again. Mahalo and Aloha!
Katie & Mike – Lavallette, NJ (05/11/07)

I just want to say that my brother Noah, my sister Lolly and I had a lot of fun learning how to sail over the weekend. You run a terrific school and you do it so professionally. Captain Bill Sigmund was terrific. He is an excellent instructor and he was so patient with us. Thanks.
Luther – Basking Ridge, NJ (05/02/07)